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Interactive Bird Walk

Thanks to the Byron Bird Buddies for providing a FREE interactive seabird/shorebird beach walk of the Belongil estuary.

Meeting point for this walk will be at the Byron Bay Beach Resort.

Sunday 10 am - for adults & children aged 8-14 years (with the low tide)

This tour will involve bird identification, key breeding and feeding cycles, migratory seabirds and shorebirds, conservation efforts, links between tidal flows and feeding patterns and how to photograph birds.

This is an interactive tour which would start off with bird identification and then proceed to identify all environmental ingredients for breeding, feeding and resting that seabirds and shorebirds need and how the Belongil Estuary provides that. From an underwater perspective it will focus on the tidal movements of stingrays and flathead into and out of the estuary. It will also highlight the needs of specific seabirds such as Little Terns and how important the estuary is to migratory seabirds.

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